1. Definitions used in this policy
  2. Data protection principals
  3. User rights
  4. What user data we collect
  5. How we use user data
  6. How long we save user data
  7. Who has access to user data
  8. How we protect user data
  9. Cookie information
  10. Contact information

1. Definitions user in this policy

  • Personal data – every information that can identify a specific persor.
  • Data processing – every action of set of actions done with personal data or personal data set.
  • Data carrier – person whose personal data is being processed.
  • Child – person under age od 16 years.
  • DPO – Data protection officer.

2. Data protection principals

We are guided by following data protection principals:

  • Data processing is legal, fair and transparent.
  • Data processing is limited by its purpose. Activities of data processing are in accordance with its purpose with which data is collected.
  • We collect and process minimum personal data required for any purpose.
  • We will not save user data longer than needed.
  • We will do anything to insure data accuracy, safety and integrity.

3. User rights

Data carrier (user) has there rights:

  1. Right to information – user has right to know if his/hers personal data is being collected, where they come from and what for and why are they being used.
  2. Right to data access – User has right to access personal data collected about him / her and about him / her. It inludes right to send request to get collected personal user data. User can ask to get a copy of his / her personal data on our web page – Data protection center.
  3. Right to data correction  – User has right to make corrections to its personal data which are not correct or complete. User can ask for personal data correction through Data protection center.
  4. Right to delete personal data – User can in certain circumstances ask for personal data deletion from our records. User can do that in Data protection center.
  5. Right to limit personal data processing – User can under certain circumstances limit personal data processing. You can contact our DPO about that in Data protection center.
  6. Right to make complaint about personal data processing – User can under certain circumstances submit a complaint about personal data processing, eg. in case of direct marketing. In case of that you can contact our DPO via Data protection center.
  7. Right to submit a complaint – In case we reject user complaint we will give reason and explanation why that happened. If user is not satisfied with explanation he / she can contact our DPO through Data protection center.
  8. Right to withdraw acceptance – User has right to withdraw any consent previously given for personal data processing.

4. What user data we collect

Information given by the user

It can be email addresss, name, phone number, shipping / billing address and all other data that we need for order processing and user experience improvement. We save user information so users can comment or make any other activities on this webpage for which user data is necessary.

Information automatically collected

Information that is automatically collected via cookies or other tools. Eg. information about user shopping cart, IP address, shopping history… This information is used for user experience improvemnet.

Our partner information

We collect user data from trusted partners with confirmation that they have legal base to share those information.

Publicly available data

We can collect your publicly available data.


When user writes comment on our web page we collect data that user has entered in comment form, IP address and browser info to detect potential spam.

It is possible that anonymous string (hash) made from your email address is sent to Gravatar service to check if you are using that service. Gravatar privacy policy is available at After your comment approval your profile picture is publicly available along with your comment.

Contact forms

When user makes contact through contact form on our web page we use that data only to respond to user query. Contact form data is saved for one year after they were received and after that tey are permanently deleted.

Embeded content from other websites

Our web site may contain embeded data from other web sites (eg. pictures, videos, articles…). Privacy concerning such data is same as if user visited source web page.

Our web pages collect your data, we use cookies and we use additional third party tools which collect user behaviour and interaction.

5. How we use user data

We use user data with following goals:

  • providing service. This includes order processing on our web shop, communication about orders, information about changes of terms of service.
  • user experience improvement
  • to fulfill legal or contact demands.

We process user data on legal basis with user approval.

On basis of contract / order or contract / order fulfilment we process user data to:

  • identify user,
  • to provide a service to user or to send / offer our products;
  • to communicate with user about order, complaint or billing.

On basis of legal interest we process user data to:

  • send user offers specifically tailored offers
  • to administrate and analyse our user base with goal to make our products and service even better, to expand product range or to approve user satisfaction.

Until user informs us we try to offer our products and services that are similar to the ones he / she previously used in accordance to our legal interest.

We process following data with user acceptance:

  • to send newsletter and special offers
  • to any other purpose as long as we asked user for permission.

We process user data to fulfil legal obligations. We will use data out of thi policy only if they are completely anonymous. We save user data about payment and any other necessary data fot bookkeeping purposes and we save them as long as needed according to the law.

We may process user data for additional purposes as long as they are in accordance with the original purpose for which they were collected. To do it we make sure that:

  • connection between purpose, context and nature of personal data is suitable for further processing
  • further processing will not differ from user original interest
  • data is always protected.

User will always be notified about additional data processing and purpose.

6. How long we save user data

If you write comment on our web page it’s data and metadata is saved forever for porpose of automatic approval of any future comments. We save all data user is entered during user registration on our web page. Users can see or delete such information at any time. Website administrators can also see and edit user information. Order information is saved as long necessary for bookkeeping purposes.

7. Who has access to user data

User data is in certain cases shared with our partners, but only when required to provide service or user experience enhancement.

User data is shared with our partners:

  • analytic tools supplier(Google);
  • our professional advisers for legal, tax, revision and bookkeeping matters;
  • social media platforms for personalised and targeted communication.
  • newsletter sending partner (Mailchimp)

Our order delivery partners:

  • General Logistics Systems Croatia d.o.o.
  • Hrvatska pošta

Our payment partners:

  • Paypal

We only work with partners who can provide sufficient data protection. Personal user data is provided to third party only when it is legally necessary to do so. Third party data access to user data is possible only with user acceptance or in case of other legal basis.

8. How we protect user data

For communication and data transfer we use secure protocols (such as HTTPS) and SSL certificate along with reliable hosting provider (Siteground)

We try to keep complete data safety but we cannot guarantee it. In case of user data breach we will contact users and we will do all legally required procedures.

If user has user account on our web pages it is important that he sets quality password to ensure data safety.

We do not collect information about children nor are children targeted with our services and products.

9. Cookie information

We user cookies and / or other similar technology to analyse user behaviour and to administrate web page. We do it with goal to personalise and enhance user experience.

Cookie is small text document that is saved on user device. Cookies store information which help web page to function. Only our web page can access cookies stored on user device. User can control cookies with it’s web browser. If user decides to disable cookies it could interfere with certain functionality of our web page.

We user following cookies:

  • Necessary / required cookies – there cookies are required for some important functionality of our web page such as user login, adding to cart and making an order. These cookies do not store any personal data.
  • Functional cookies – these cookies provide web site functionality and provide better user experience.
  • Anylitics cookies – We use these cookies to analyse and monitor our web site usage and performance.
  • Marketing cookies – there cookies are used for targeted advertising which could be relevant for a user according to user preference. Additionali, they are used to limit number of times user has seen the advertisement. Those cookies remember that you visited our web site and information about that is shared with advertisers.

Cookies saved on user device can be removed in web browser. User can also control cookies with some third party software or platform such as or For more info about cookies visit

We use google analytics to measure traffic on our web site. Google has its privacy policy which you can find here. If you wish to opt-our from google analytics please visit Google Analytics opt-out stranicu.

10. Contact information

Company name: Volim Ljuto j.d.o.o.
Address: Gajeva 37, 10297 Igrišće, Croatia
VAT ID: HR43285636325

Other contact info can be found on our contact page.

Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy.

Date of last change: 21.05.2018.