To make our web site functional and to improve user experience our web site save small quantity of date on user device which is called cookie. Cookies have a purpose to enable certain functionality of web site as well as to improve user experience in all future visits. By using this web site user agrees to storing cookies. Blocking cookies is possible but some of core website functionality may not be available.

What is cookies?

Cookie is information stored on user device (PC, tablet, smart phone…). Cookie can be set by our web site or by third party. Cookies usually store user settings for a website (eg. language) so the next time user visits our website has those settings restored. Cookies may store some personal information but only if user allows it or it entered the data. Cookies cannot get information that wasn’t provided by user.

Cookies use on uses cookies to enhance user experience. While using webpage user can also get third party cookies. uses third party services – Google Analytics. also uses cookies for marketing purposes on our web page, on search networks and on remarketing service by Google Analytics. By using cookies third party sites (including Facebook and Gooogle) in cooperation with show relevant ads on various internet locations. User can opt-out from using Google Analytics service by going to With purpose of planning content that would be interesting to user and future marketing campaigns we use Google Analytics Demographics and Interesr Reporting where we can use data from Google advertising based on user interest or use data about user (age, gender, intrests…). Detail information about this can be found on Goolge analytics privacy policy:

Disabling cookies

If you wish to disable saving cookies on your deviece you can do it but it is not advised because it could disable certain website functionality.

Setting for accepting cookies can be controlled in user web browser. Detailed procedure can be found in help file of user browser.

Additional info about disabling cookies

Currently there are a lot of web pages you can use to turn of saving cookies to your device.

More about cookies acceptance / rejection can be found on following links:

Social networks

Social networks can also set cookies on user device. Web pages that enable user registration and login via social networks do that and our website also allows that. Exact influence on user privacy depends on the social network that user uses on that social network. How to manage those cookies user can find out on social media web site.