Our hot team is working non stop to provide chili lovers and hot heads with highest quality products. We grow our own chili peppers and make hot sauces, chutneys, relishes and spices. We like to spread our knowledge and love for chili peppers so everybody is welcome to ask as questions. Our wide product assortment is getting bigger with each passing year. One thing that is staying constant is dedication to quality and to our customers. We absolutely love and enjoy our work. Did you know that chili peppers can have great taste? Try it!

All products are manufactured on our family farm in Igrišće, small place near Zagreb, capital of Croatia or by our trusted partners.

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Goran Vrabec - VolimLjuto.com

Goran Vrabec

Guilty for the existence of the brand and all the product recipes.

Dubravko Vrabec - VolimLjuto.com

Dubravko Vrabec

Guilty for everything functioning perfectly and for making of our wooden crates and hot sauce stands.

About us

Anita Štivičić
hot agronomist and blogger

Guilty for our great peppers and blog posts.

Nada Vrabec - VolimLjuto.com

Nada Vrabec
Agronomist, manufacturing process manager

Guilty for all our chili peppers growing, product stock and manufacturing process.

Petra Meštrović - VolimLjuto.com

Petra Meštrović
Webshop manager

Guilty for all the orders being sent on time and for customer service.

Darjan Grilec - VolimLjuto.com

Darjan Grilec
Digital marketing and photos

Guilty for social media marketing and all the beautiful photos on website.